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EraTech Solutions creates a “virtual + reality” “Metaverse world” for you

through virtual reality technology, block chain technology, 3D modeling and artificial intelligence and other technical means.

10 Metaverse Services

  • Metaverse Social
    Metaverse Social

    Metaverse Social

  • NFT Digital Collections
    NFT Digital Collections

    NFT Digital Collections

  • Digital Man
    Digital Man

    Digital Man

  • Metaverse Conference
    Metaverse Conference

    Metaverse Conference

  • AR Marketing
    AR Marketing

    AR Marketing

  • Metaverse Education
    Metaverse Education

    Metaverse Education

  • Digital Exhibition Hall
    Digital Exhibition Hall

    Digital Exhibition Hall

  • Metaverse Live
    Metaverse Live

    Metaverse Live

  • Metaverse Game
    Metaverse Game

    Metaverse Game

  • VR/AR Cloud Store
    VR/AR Cloud Store

    VR/AR Cloud Store

Three characteristics of Metaverse

The Realization Path of the Metaverse

  • Immersion and Superposition

    Immersion and Superposition

  • Radical and Progressive

    Radical and Progressive

  • Open and Closed

    Open and Closed

EraTech Solutions can provide you

with a Metaverse application design scheme integrating digital technology and virtual reality

  • Digital Collections
  • Metaverse Smart Office
  • Metaverse Virtual Live Broadcast
  • Virtual Online Pavilion
  • Gaming

Digital collections are specific digitized works uniquely identified by block chain, each of which is mapped to a unique proof of rights on a specific block chain with no way to be tampered, divided, and replaced with each other.

Platform release of digital collections

  • Enhance Sense of Identity

    Enhance Sense of Identity

  • Enhance Sense of Identity

    Enhance Sense of Identity

Digital Collections

Digital Collection Example Map

Metaverse Releases of Digital Collections

  • Improve User Stickiness

    Improve User Stickiness

  • Digital Benefit Mapping

    Digital Benefit Mapping

Collection Mode

Low circulation and high price

Synthetic play, inclusive empowerment

Illustration of a sample collection mode

Digital collections play

Transfer mode

Large Circulation and Low Unit Price

Synthetic Play, Inclusive Empowerment

Collection Synthesis and Living in the Metaverse

Example Diagram of the Transfer Mode
  • Supplier Conference Room Scenario

    Supplier Conference Room Scenario

  • Technical Workshop Room Scenario

    Technical Workshop Room Scenario

  • Employee Recognition Conference Room Scenario

    Employee Recognition Conference Room Scenario

  • Project Cooperation Conference Room Scenario

    Project Cooperation Conference Room Scenario

Multi-scene Metaverse conference center with multi-brand conference room scenes.

Users are allowed to communicate with others in virtual offices and conference rooms, customize their own virtual images, and complete various operations in the virtual environment.

Metaverse intelligent office can not only bring users a more free and innovative work experience, but also can save time and cost, improving the efficiency of teamwork.

  • Annual Meeting Room Scenario

    Annual Meeting Room Scenario

  • Employee Recognition Meeting Room Scenario

    Employee Recognition Meeting Room Scenario

  • Department Discussion Conference Room Scene

    Department Discussion Conference Room Scene

  • Telecommuting Meeting Room Scenario

    Telecommuting Meeting Room Scenario

Epoch lnnovations uses cloud computing technology to intelligently manage the hardware and software equipment needed for office business, providing enterprises with a virtual space for collaborative office, integrating various basic functions into one, and creating a new office mode in which users can immerse themselves in the "workspace" from a first-person perspective and communicate "face to face" anytime and anywhere.

Online Virtual Meeting Room
Play PPT/Video Online and Offline Simultaneously
Online and Offline Voice, Video Linkage

Immersive Work Environment

Through virtual reality technology, users can move freely in a virtual space and interact with other users in a new working environment. You can customize your own virtual workspace according to your own needs and preferences.

Diversified Ways of Collaboration

A variety of collaboration modes allow users to operate through gestures, voice and other means to carry out communication, voice conference and video conference, anytime and anywhere.

All-Round Information Display

When the data is collected, stored, processed and analyzed, it will be displayed in the form of text, pictures, videos and visualization in an all-round way, so that users can more intuitively understand the work situation and related information, and improve the efficiency of data analysis and decision-making.

Metaverse Live creates a realistic virtual anchor in the virtual environment which allows audience to create their own virtual images to enter the live room. EraTech Solutions provides a more immersive, interactive and innovative live platform for enterprises.

Breaking barrier of time and space,
Create a Metaverse Immersive Live Room.

Traditional Live Online Broadcasting

  • Lack of Interaction

    Lack of Interaction

    Spaced screens, limited interaction

  • Lack of immersion

    Lack of immersion

    Flat screen display, only the anchor’s perspective

Vs icon

Metaverse Virtual Live Broadcast

  • Free Interaction

    Free Interaction

    Natural and Direct Interaction with Avatars

  • Strong Sense of Immersion

    Strong Sense of Immersion

    Move Freely For Multi-Dimensional Experience

Features of Metaverse Live Broadcast

  • Metaverse Live Broadcast Feature 1

    The live broadcast room can display

    the style, type, preferences and other elements of the anchor.

  • Metaverse Live Broadcast Feature 2

    Users can learn about the content and features of the anchor

    through the live broadcast room.

  • Metaverse Live Broadcast Feature 3

    The virtual image of the anchor can be set in the live broadcast room

    with whom users can interact.

  • Metaverse Live Broadcast Feature 4

    Interactive games and other activities can be carried out in the live broadcasting room to facilitate users’ participation.

Metaverse Live Broadcast Advantages

  • Advantage 1
    Experience the first perspective of the anchor

    Experience the first perspective of the anchor

    Panoramic sensory, super interactive

  • Advantage 2
    Break the single interface of traditional classroom live broadcasting

    Break the single interface of traditional classroom live broadcasting, and present the scene to switch freely

  • Advantage 3
    Space scene tailor-made

    Space scenarios can be tailored to customer needs

  • Advantage 4
    Watch the scene at any time.

    Call the live real-time video stream and watch the live situation at any time

  • Advantage 5
    3D Character Restoration & Voice Action Synchronization

    3D Character Restoration & Voice Action Synchronization

Virtual online pavilion can digitize the real exhibition hall and exhibits through 3D modeling technology, so that users can visit the exhibition through the network and immerse themselves in a richer and more vivid display mode and interactive experience.

  • Metaverse Technology


    Creation by Means of Science and Technology

  • Metaverse Art


    Virtual Exhibition Space Art Works Exchange

Application Scenario

  • Auto Show/Trade Show

    Auto Show/Trade Show

    Painting Exhibition/Art Show

    Painting Exhibition/Online Exhibition

  • Museum

    Museum/Art Exhibition

  • Tourist Attraction/Performance

    Tourist Attraction/Architectural Design/Performance

    Rich and Vivid Interactive Mode

    Stronger Sense of Immersion, Bringing Super-Shocking Visual Experience

    • 3D Model Display
    • Virtual Animation Interaction
    • VR/AR Experience
    • Online Explanation

The game-based expression of Metaverse scenes can strengthen the visual expression of the brand and enhance the user’s enthusiasm for interaction. Users can understand the brand content more intuitively while satisfying the personalized immersion interaction.

Application case of gamification in Metaverse scenario

  • Introduction of Game Story

    Introduction of Game Story

  • User Game Interaction

    User Game Interaction

  • Brand Vision and Content Enhancement

    Brand Vision and Content Enhancement

Service Guarantee

Reliable service is essential for project success, and we meet your needs with professional expertise.

  • System Development Scheme Fit

    Scheme Fit

    Comply with Customer Requirements

    Refine Products to Perfection

  • Software Customization Quality Assurance

    Quality Assurance

    Code Specification Check

    Multi-Party Test and Acceptance

  • System Customization  Delivery On Time

    Delivery On Time

    Observe Time Limit

    Real-Time Project Follow-Up

  • Powerful Software Development Technology

    Powerful Technology

    A Team of Over 500 Developers

    20 Years of Development Experience

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