IT Human Resources Services

IT Human Resources Services

ETS has a mature and stable HR service team to offer customers professional lT talent expatriate services.

Quickly respond to the employment of matching talents, realize project incubation, and help enterprises control costs and increase efficiency!

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Problems We Solved

  • Shortage of IT talents

    Shortage of IT talents

    Address shortage of IT talents and demand for supernumerary staff

  • Urgent need for employment

    Urgent need for employment

    Solve the emergency employment situation of enterprises

  • Great pressure of recruitment

    Great pressure of recruitment

    Reduce the recruitment pressure of enterprise human resources department

  • High management cost

    High management cost

    Reduce the management pressure of enterprise human resources department

Service Process

  • Manpower Dispatch Demand Communication

    Requirements Communication

    Acquire and Deeply Understand the Employment Needs

  • Customized IT Talent Program

    Customized Plan

    Delivery Process Planning Resource Channel Preparation

  • Technical Personnel Assignment Confirmation

    Personnel Determination

    Talent pool and recruitment channels for quick target of candidates

  • Programmer Dispatch Internal Interview

    Internal Interview

    In-House Technical Manager Conducts Technical Initial Interviews with Candidates

  • IT Talent Push Follow-Up

    Push Follow-Up

    Arrange the Interview and Analyze the Interview Results

  • Mobilization of Technical Personnel


    Personnel to Whom the Mobilization Notice is Sent Are Present As Agreed.


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Based in Beijing, ETS boasts global branches and tech R&D centers worldwide

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