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Hello Future


Tech innovation, Future has come

Tech innovationFuture has come

EraTech Solutions leverage big data, cloud computing, mobile Internet, IoT, AI, XR and other technologies to develop a range of comprehensive products and solutions such as digital system construction, Metaverse, and ITO.

Mission, Dream


Shoulder The Mission, Achieve The Dream

Shoulder MissionsAchieve Dreams

Service, Our Mission

Collaboration is merely the starting point, and satisfaction knows no bounds. We strive wholeheartedly to live up to expectations.

Data-savvy, Global


Digital Technology, Cover The Globe

Digital TechnologyCover The Globe

We gather advanced digital technologies from all over the world, synchronize with the global community, break through spatial barriers, and make digitized products visible to the world.

Low Carbon, Environmental Protection


Efficient Enabling, Low-carbon Eco-friendly

Efficient EnablingLow-carbon Eco-friendly

Through digitized systems such as PaaS, SaaS, MES, ERP, and more, we have developed over 20 mature industry solutions in smart energy, intelligent manufacturing, smart agriculture, smart education, smart tourism, and smart city. This helps businesses achieve digital transformation and development, and boost cost-efficiency.

About EraTech Solutions

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Our Offices

Based in Beijing, ETS boasts global branches and tech R&D centers worldwide.

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